Just some retarded image searching bot for deekchat.ml version THREEEE https://deekchat.ml https://deekchat.ml
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DeekChat's Rena Chan bot

Just some retarded image searching bot for deekchat.ml version THREE!!!!!!!!

This implements the brand new not buggy at all multi channel support thingy!!! Glory to the chinese government!!!!!11!!



  1. Made in javascript. Wait, that's not a feature.

  2. Has FIVE incredible commands

    • .img <search term> (aliases: .i, .im)
    • .page <page> (aliases: .p)
    • .prop Check if the sun has exploded
    • .mumble <[optional]ip:port> Ping mum
    • .help If you need help using your dilator
    • and .ping... for spamming purposes.
  3. Command ratelimiting removed, now handled by dick chat!!!!

  4. Simple link embed thingy

  5. Less buggy than deekchat, lolcatware stay winning

This time around, I removed the shitty websocket library and I'm now using ws, which is like, faster or something I don't really know.


sudo apt install nodejs npm
sudo npm install -g nodemon
npm install node-fetch@v2 duckduckgo-images-api ws form-data cheerio he

nodemon # enjoy!!