Kiacafnat is a chat application for naggers and trash.
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The Kiacafnat Project

Kiacafnat is a chat application for naggers and trash.

This application aims to be a full, lightweight replacement for applications like Matrix or Discord. If you want to contribute, feel free to contact me over at



  • DuckDuckGo image and web search
  • URL info (Still need to cache stuff in DB, sanitize in/output)
  • File proxy (Still need to cache data)


  • Make the websockets work
  • Command handler
  • Permission/moderation stuff


  • Implement webrtc, somehow (lol)
  • Add buffered audio/video streams in voice (for music!!)
  • Positional audio for gaymes


  • Almost no system dependencies

  • Custom made Websocket implementation

    • Multi-processed
    • I/O Blocking (0% CPU usage when nothing's happening!!)
    • Handles incoming fragmented packets & messages
    • Messages are fragmented by 1MB chunks (configurable) to work over the 16MB memory limit on Chromium
    • Supports big buffers for socket_write()
    • Responds to pings
  • Embed support for JewTube and 10+ other kosher sites with an HTML parser as fallback

  • Built-in moderation tools

  • Simple to use plugin API similar to Discord.js (without the caching and async bullshit!!)


@TODO: Check if these work git clone sudo apt install php7 postgresql php-curl php-imagick cd kiacafnat php setup.php setup.php will help you check if your installation is okay and help you configure your instance!


Coming soon (tm)