RENA CHAN!!!!!!!!!!
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Discord Rena Chan bot

port of some things need ironing out, as usual.


  1. Made in javascript. Wait, that's not a feature.

  2. Has FIVE incredible commands

    • .img <search term> (aliases: .i, .im)
    • .page <page> (aliases: .p)
    • .prop Check if the sun has exploded
    • .mumble <[optional]ip:port> Ping mum
    • .help If you need help using your dilator
    • and .ping... for spamming purposes.
  3. Command ratelimiting cause we can't have nice things

  4. Simple link embed thingy so that we don't get flooded with image embeds

  5. Less buggy than discord, lolcatware stay winning

To run, install duckduckgo-images-api, node-fetch@2, @discordjs/voice, cheerio and discord.js using npm. Nodejs should be

nodejs shit should output something like this

will@lolcat:~/Desktop/DeekChats_Rena_Chan_bot$ node -v
will@lolcat:~/Desktop/DeekChats_Rena_Chan_bot$ npm -v