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# Rena Mumble
Welcome to the **only** working music bot for mumble (as of writing)! I made this cause the other scripts on github weren't working anymore, so here it is!
## Features
- NO web interface (who needs that shit?)
- It works, unlike the 45 other alternatives out there
## Installation
Installation video tutorial:
Okay, bare with me, I SWEAR this bot won't fail to install halfway trough.
First, make sure you install nodejs v.12.22.12 (or later) and npm 8.19.1 (or later!).
Assuming you're running debian, you can run this command to install nodejs:
curl -sL | sudo bash -
sudo apt install -y nodejs
From there, if npm is outdated, run `sudo npm install -g npm` to install the latest version.
Then, run these commands one by one:
sudo apt install ffmpeg git
git clone <this repo>.git
cd <the repo>
npm install noodle.js ytdl-core ytsr node-fetch@2 sharp
Then, create a private key and certificate using the following command:
openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout key.pem -out cert.pem
This should create a key.pem and cert.pem file. Place those at the root of the project. Then, edit the rena.conf file to your liking. Don't forget to set the bitrate to a value lower than your serber's!
## Start the thing
nodejs bot.js
## Q&A
**Q: Sometimes, it just skips the video right away! What the fuck!!!!**
Check if your serber is blocked from youtube. The video you requested might also be age restricted, a livestream, or something else happened that makes streaming the video impossible.
**Q: Will, you lied to me nothing fucking works!!**
It's probably cause the youtube downloader script is fucked. Try updating it periodically with
Run npm install ytdl-core@latest
Run npm install ytsr@latest
**Q: What are the commands???**
Make sure you're located in the same channel as the bot and type `.help`. It should be smooth sailing from there!
**Q: I found a bug or a missing feature!**
Contact me:
## Try it out
Theres a live instance of it running (hopefully) at mumble:// inside the music channel.
## License