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# Version 7 changelog
Hello my fellow cock suckers, it is I lolcat and I'm here to tell you some exciting news & rants about my shitty proxy!
1. I fucked up the `/opensearch` endpoint and it basically made everyone use HTTP for the initial request for all searches. Of course, shit would get upgraded to HTTPS but the initial request still contained your search query so your ISP or anyone in the middle could've snooped in on your traffic and find out what you were searching for.
This is NOT my fault I will blame this shitty StackOverflow answer with 91 upvotes (I am never wrong):
To mitigate this issue, remove 4get from your search engine list <del>and never use it again</del> and re-add it like usual. To check if shit is really secure, make a search with network tab open and you will see that it no longer gets redirected to the https version when the page first loads.
2. Shoutout to mimv for reporting a really stupid XSS exploit where if you typed in `</title><script>alert(1);</script>` in the search box it would execute Javascript code. This is due to my autistic ass thinking it would be cool to use templates for everything
# Insanely cool new features
Ok now that I humiliated myself I will now show you INCREDIBLE features that have been added
1. Navigation on the search page. You can go on the homepage, the settings and this stupid page! This took me months to write
2. It shows how much time it took for my thing to scrape shit (incredible)
# bug fixes (these bugs where there on purpose)
1. Tweaked the IQ test, so you no longer need imagemagick v6 specifically, versions above v6 are just fine now too
2. Fixed date on Mojeek not being scraped properly (they put the date next to the URL, gross!!)
This article will be updated as more shit gets fixed for version 7.
# Ramblings
Search engines fucking sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway here's a complementary meme made by my cute tootsie roll cynic
Smell you later retards