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Many engines are down! (it's over)

Good morning 4get users.

It appears that most engines are down right now. Pretty much everything that uses bing's API. Some queries on Brave don't work, Qwant & DuckDuckGo is down.

There's nothing I can really do about that. Please head over to the settings and switch over to the buggy ass Google scraper or use Brave for now. By the way, I'm currently rewriting the Google scraper, so these unsupported pages errors should go away very soon...

Fun fact, Bing itself is NOT down, only their image search is having issues. Yahoo, which uses bing, shows the same behavior. I'll write a scraper for both soon also.

Edit: Oh and, Yep scraper stopped working. I'm on it...

Edit #2: They FUCKING put their shit behind Cloudflare. Another engine down the shitter. What's happening today?!

Thank you for your patience. Love you all!