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Version 8 changelog (+ some other news!)

Hello my fellow cock suckers, thanks for reading my new entry of my shitty blog type thing.

New shit added for version 8

  1. Soundcloud no longer requires a token in the configuration
  2. Added qwant scraper (web, images, videos, news)
  3. Marginalia scraper now scrapes the HTML instead, which gives us sublinks in search results. You can still configure it to use the API in the config.
  4. Fixed a bug where image proxy would fail if content-type was octet-stream or some shit like that
  5. Fixed file proxy filename being wrong sometimes
  6. Fixed bug where "search on another instance" button would return broken URI parameters when javascript was turned on
  7. Removed ping in instances because it was always wrong and cant be fixed
  8. Fixed some wording in the about page
  9. Made &npt tokens shorter by upgrading the encryption to using the libsodium library

In other news...

I could talk about the scrapers I want to add soon, but that won't happen for a while, so it's stupid to talk about it now. I'll keep it a surprise... Instead, I want to talk about money.



So, people have been asking me for a long time for a way to bypass the captcha, and although most of you love the fumos, it's starting to get old. I'm myself pretty tired of solving these... So to fix this, I want to introduce a subscription service that lets you bypass the captcha. I'm thinking about:

  1. 200 requests/day
  2. API access
  3. No captchas (duh)
  4. No account needed, just specify a token in the settings page
  5. Use Paypal, Stripe or Monero (?? still unsure about Stripe)
  6. 4$/30 days access

It's way cheaper than whatever Kagi's charging for, and unlike Kagi, 4get would actually be profitable (because yeah, Kagi isn't making money!). I want to emphasize on the fact that I don't want to introduce any other money making schemes, like tracking or ads. That's just plain retarded. It's also really important to me that I keep letting users search for shit even if they don't give me anything in return.

Most importantly, I want to compensate my ko-fi supporters for supporting me early on by giving them a few months of service free of charge.

The reason for these changes are quite simple: You guys are very numerous to use 4get.ca. At around 5-6pm, solve a captcha, and head to the settings. The number at the beginning of your pass token indicates how many captchas were solved that day. That number is usually between 850 and 900! To keep myself unblocked from search engines, I had to buy a bunch of residential proxies and this shit is getting quite expensive. At the moment, the websites costs around 40-50$ a month to host, depending of proxy bandwidth usage. My dead end job at the grocery store can't really supply long-term to the expanding needs of the site, so this is where I need your help.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about these news, or are you telling yourself "this is the beginning of the end for 4get?". I was thinking about calling it 4get fish. No reason, it's just a funny name. Even if you disagree with the idea, fucking tell me right now by either opening an issue on here or by emailing me. I really don't want this update to be looked down upon...

Thank you all for the support