A simple ping module for mumble
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Mumble ping API

A simple PHP module to ping mumble serbers.

How to install

  1. Run this thing: git clone https://git.lolcat.ca/lolcat/mumble-ping/
  2. Download the latest release of geoip2.phar: https://github.com/maxmind/GeoIP2-php/releases
  3. Sign up for maxmind's bullshit site and get the country GeoLite2 .mmdb file
  4. Drop all the shit you downloaded in the root of this repo

Done. Now, just drop all of that crap inside a webserber that supports PHP and access the mumble.php file.


/mumble.php?ip=sleipnir.sh or /mumble.php?ip=aaathats3as.com&port=64738

So yeah, the port is optional. IPs and port is sanitized.

Try it out