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Mumble ping API

A simple PHP module to ping mumble serbers.

How to install

  1. Run this thing: git clone
  2. Download the latest release of geoip2.phar:
  3. Sign up for maxmind's bullshit site and get the country GeoLite2 .mmdb file
  4. Make sure curl is installed. sudo apt install curl php-curl should set everything up.
  5. Drop all the shit you downloaded in the root of this repo

Now, just drop all of that crap inside a webserber that supports PHP and access the mumble.php file. Don't forget to make mumble-scrape inaccessible!

To be able to show users the serber name and website, you need to scrape the official mumble serber list using mumble-scrape.php. This repo comes with a pre-compiled list.json, but it is probably outdated. Use screen and run mumble-scrape.php in the background. By default, it gets a list of all serbers every 24 hours and resolves the DNS for all domains!


/mumble.php? or /mumble.php?

or for banners: /banner.php?

So yeah, the port is optional. IPs and port is sanitized.

Try it out